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Department Name: Department of Medicine and Public Health

The Department of Medicine and Public Health at Faculty of Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University is at the forefront of veterinary science and education that continuously puts it effort to be a center of excellence for teaching and research. We are a large, multidisciplinary department whose scientific activities are fully integrated into those of the whole University as well as the country.  Our mission is to facilitate the diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of diseases of animals and birds, and ensuring public health by defining and applying best clinical practice, understanding and developing the science underpinning best practice, and by embedding an education program in the veterinary sciences that delivers the best veterinary practitioners, academics and research scientists. The main aim of the department is to offer state-of-the-art education to its students to produce quality graduates having compatible knowledge of veterinary medicine and research together to meet the time oriented national and international demand. As the name of the department appears, it holds another important mandate to dealing with veterinary public health issues. This mandate makes it as a unique department among the other departments related to veterinary education in Bangladesh which is concerned with veterinary medicine and public health together.  Therefore, the department always gives special emphasis on attaining academic as well as research excellence through following advanced course curricula and conducting innovative fundamental, clinical and applied research on diseases of animals and birds including zoonoses. We educate students in the veterinary medicine and public health so that they develop into leading clinicians and researchers. We maintain and develop research excellence in basic and applied biomedical and veterinary sciences and embed our clinical veterinary training in this strong scientific foundation. We aim to produce practitioners, academic clinicians and researchers with an education in Veterinary Medicine and Public Health that is second to none. Thus, we are approaching forward to the creation of new generation leaders in veterinary education and research.