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Department Name: Department of Fishing and Post Harvest Technology

Dr. Md. Mohibbullah
Assistant Professor and Chairman

Department of Fishing and Post Harvest Technology Developing processed and value added aquatic food and fishery products with their quality and safety issues are ever rising because of high industrialization, intensification of aquaculture practices, urbanization and globalization of standards. Considering this aspect, the Department of Fishing and Post Harvest Technology (FPHT) has been established under the Faculty of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Science to conduct teaching, research and extension activities mainly related to fishing technology, fish processing, preservation and, quality assurance and management of fish and fishery products. The department facilitates the students and researchers to develop innovative ideas and methods for solving the contemporary problems related to fish preservation, processing and food safety especially at the industrial level. FPHT offers various theoretical and practical courses in both B.Sc. and MS programs on fish harvesting and preservation technology, fish processing technology, designing processing plants, value added fishery products, microbiology, natural product chemistry, food safety and quality control of fish and fishery products. The department has a well-equipped laboratory and advanced research facilities on nutritional composition and quality assessment of fish and seafood; development of new fishery products and functional food; bioactive natural products, upgrading processing and packaging technologies, nutraceuticals, and biotechnological and nanotechnological application in seafood technology. Beside education and research facilities, the department also provides consultancy to the sector of fish processing and seafood. The aim of FPHT is to ensure quality education and research in fishing and post-harvest fisheries to prepare its graduates for taking future leadership positions in both academic and professional careers.