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Md. Javed Azad

Assistant Professor

Contact Info:

Department of Agricultural Extension and Information System
Faculty of Agriculture

Phone: +8801711286417
Blood Group: O(+)



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Md Javed Azad

Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural Extension and Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

Degree Name Subject/Specialization Institute Passing Year Country
MS Agricultural Extension Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University 2013 Bangladesh
B.Sc.Ag.(Hons.) Agriculture Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University 2009 Bangladesh
Title Organization Location From To
Research Assistant The University of Sydney Australia 27/05/2020 till date
Lecturer Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Bangladesh 26/05/2013 25/05/2015
Assistant Professor Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Bangladesh 26-05-2015 till date
Sl Journal Article Year Type Link
1 Kabir, M. H., Rainis, R., & Azad, M. J. (2017). Are spatial factors important in the adoption of Eco-Friendly agricultural technologies? Evidence on integrated pest management (IPM). Journal of Geographic Information System, 9(2), 98-113. 2017 Journal Article Link
2 Sujan, M. H. K., Islam, F., Azad, M. J., & Rayhan, S. J. (2017). Financial profitability and resource use efficiency of boro rice cultivation in some selected area of Bangladesh. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 12(29), 2404-2411. 2017 Journal Article Link
3 Islam, M. R., Sagib-al-Maruf, M., Ali, M. S., & Azad, M. J. (2017). Impact of micro-credit programs of Jagorani Chakra foundation towards uplifting the poverty situation and standard of living. International journal of development and sustainability. 6(8), 838-850. 2017 Journal Article Link
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5 Das, D., Ali, M. S., Hossain, K. Z., Azad, M. J., & Mondal, T. (2016). Use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Practices by Kalia Upazila Farmers in the District of Narail–Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 1-9. 2016 Journal Article Link
6 Baque, A., Nahar, M., Yeasmin, M., Quamruzzaman, M., Rahman, A., Azad, M. J., & Biswas, P. K. (2016). Germination Behaviour of BARI Gom 27 (Triticum aestivum) as Influenced by PEG-Induced Drought Stress. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 24(6), 1941-1948. 2016 Journal Article Link
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11 Islam, M. R., Islam, Z., Azad, M. J., Bagum, T., & Pk, M. K. H. (2014). Attitude of farmers towards modern jute cultivation technologies in Baliakandi upazilla under Rajbari district. Journal of experimental bioscience, 5(2), 75-78 2014 Journal Article Link
12 Nurani, N., Bhuiyan, M., Ulla, M., Bagum, T., & Azad, M. J. (2014). Job satisfaction of female agricultural extension officers of the department of agricultural extension. International Journal of Experimental Agriculture. Int. J. Expt. Agric, 4(3), 16-19. 2014 Journal Article Link
13 Yeasmin, M., Ullah, M. J., Rahman, J., Fatima, K., & Azad, M. J. (2014). Inflorescence and siliqua development of mustard vaireties as influenced by different sowing time and inflorescence-top cutting. J. Expt. Biosci, 5(1), 87-96. 2014 Journal Article Link
14 Yeasmin, M., Ullah, M.J., Amin, A.K.M.R., Akter, A., & Azad. M.J. (2014). Siliqua fresh weight at different positions on the inflorescence of mustard varieties as influenced by sowing time and inflorescence-top cutting. Journal of Experimental Biosciences. 5(2), 93-100. 2014 Journal Article Link


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