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Abu Zafar Ahmed Mukul

Associate Professor

Contact Info:

Department of Agricultural Finance and Management
Faculty of Agribusiness Management

Phone: 01788686911
Blood Group: B+



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Abu Zafar Ahmed Mukul

Degree Name Subject/Specialization Institute Passing Year Country
Title Organization Location From To
Sl Journal Article Year Type Link
1 21. Hoque Fazlul, Joya Tahmina Akter, Akter Asma , Afrina Taskin, Beg Tahrima Haque, Mukul Abu Zafar Ahmed (2020) Customer Perception On Purchasing Through Facebook In Bangladesh: An Empirical Study On Dhaka City 2020 Journal Article Link
2 20. Ila, I. A. Saha, S. and Mukul, A. Z. A. (2019). Financial profitability of green chilli production: a case study in Bogra district of Bangladesh, Journal of Bioscience and Agriculture Research(online). Volume 19(1), p. 1606-12. available at 2018 Journal Article Link
3 Akter, Asma. Wali, Sangita Binte. Mukul, A.Z.A. Kamal, Md. Rajib (2017). Factors affecting job satisfaction of working mothers of readymade garments sector in Bangladesh, Issues in Business Management and Economic, Volume 5(2), p 25. 2017 Journal Article Link
4 Airin, R., Mukul, A. Z.A., Anny, Sauda Afrin (2014) A study on power loom business in some selected areas of Sirajganj district: It focuses on present scenario and future prospect, International Journal of Business and Economics Research. 3(4): 140-149 2014 Journal Article Link
5 Shakib, Hossain Hasan, Zayed N.M and Mukul, A. Z.A. (2015), Does Institutional Quality and Economic Freedom Impact on Foreign Direct Investment? Evidence from Developing Countries, Canadian Journal of Business and Finance 2014 Journal Article Link
6 Akter, Asma. Hoque, Fazlul. Mukul, A.Z.A, Kamal, Md. Rajib, Rasha, Rezowana Kabir (2017). Financial Analysis of Winter Vegetables Production in a Selected Area of Brahmanbaria District in Bangladesh, International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science, Volume 1(6), p. 120-127 2014 Journal Article Link
7 Regional Integration and determine the vulnerability of climate changes In agriculture and food security in South Asia. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp 30‐45, May 2013, 2013 Journal Article Link
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9 Mukul, A. Z.A., Rabbany, G, Afrin, S and Airin, R (2013). Level of workers job satisfaction at Jute Mills: A Case Study on Narsingdi District International Journal of Research in commerce & Management 4(5) PP 112-116 May 2013 2013 Journal Article Link
10 Mukul, A. Z.A., , Hossain, Shakib Mamun, M.A.A and Saha, Sajeeb(2013), An explorative treatment of idiosyncratic supposition of management value in banking sector in light of hofstede philosophy, European journal of Business & Management, 5(10) PP 1-10 2013 Journal Article Link
11 Mukul, A. Z.A., Shakib, Hossain and Rayhan, S.J (2013), Contemporary Security of the Adequacy of Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory: A Verdict of Job Satisfaction in the Mid Level Manager in Telecommunication Industry. International Journal of Research In commerce, IT & Management. 3(1) PP 21-30. 2013 Journal Article Link
12 Mukul, A. Z.A., Khan, A. I.K. Sharmin S. and Islam, T. I. (2013). A Vivacious Declineation of Public Universities at Dhaka: An Emphatic Gaze on Quality Education Australian Journal of Business & Management Research. 3(5). PP 25-30. August, 2013 2013 Journal Article Link
13 Mukul, A. Z.A., Khan, and Rahman A.R. (2013). Production and profitability of banana in Bangladesh-an economic analysis, International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences, 1(3) PP 159-165 2013 Journal Article Link
14 Mukul, A. Z.A., Rayhan, S. J. And Hasan, M.M. (2013). Farmer’s profitability of potato cultivation at Rangpur district: the socio-economic context of Bangladesh International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences. 1 (3): PP136-144. June 30, 2013 2013 Journal Article Link
15 Mukul, A. Z.A., Afrin, S and Hasan, M.M. (2013). Factors Affecting Consumers’ Perceptions about Organic Food and Their Prevalence in Bangladeshi Organic Preference. Journal of Business and Management Sciences,. 1(5). PP 112-118 2013 Journal Article Link
16 Mukul, A. Z.A., and Rahman, A (2013, Indentifying the factors of Customer Satisfaction in E-banking System in the context of Bangladesh. Global Journal of Management & Business Research 13(4) PP 1-7. 2013 Journal Article Link
17 Mukul, A. Z.A., Khan, A. I.K. Sharmin S. and Islam, T. I. (2013). An analysis of cost of production of Groundnut and Profitability at Manikgonj District in Bangladesh, International Journal of Research In commerce & Management. 3(5) PP 144-150. 2013 Journal Article Link
18 Mukul, A. Z.A., Khan, A. I.K. and Islam, T. I. (2013). Tourism Marketing: A Study to overcome challenges of Tourism in Bangladesh. International Journal of Research In commerce & Management. 4(6) PP 126-132. 2013 Journal Article Link
19 Mukul, A. Z.A., Khan, A. I.K. and Islam, T. I. (2013). Job Characteristics model of Hackman & Oldham in Garment Sector in Bangladesh: A Case Study at Savar Area in Dhaka District, International Journal of Economics, Finance & Management Sciences. 1(4) PP 188-195. 2013 Journal Article Link


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