Professor Dr. Md. Fazlul Karim

Faculty of Agriculture
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Since 1937 the Faculty of Agriculture, formerly the historic The Bengal Agricultural Institute, has enriched the spectrum of teaching and research available at the Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University. The faculty not only offers traditional agricultural subjects but also covers agricultural and food systems sciences and geodesy, resulting in institutes within the faculty that provide a valuable complement to the countries Agriculture sector.

As Bangladesh is an Agri Based country so the faculty effectively collaborates across faculty boundaries, encourages innovation and creativity and enables the establishment of scientific research in our Agriculture sector.The problems faced today, such as global shortage of energy and raw materials, competing use of land for energy or food crops as well as the need to develop sustainable alternatives can not be solved without the meaningful interaction of fundamental and applied research. Overproduction in industrialized countries on the one hand, and underproduction or malnutrition in developing countries on the other hand, have to be fought effectively. The provision of high quality, safe food in a fair value chain is an important contribution to a healthy environment. Keeping all these challanges in mind the University and the Faculty have designed its course curriculum and optimised its institutional structure to achieve the target set. Research-oriented and research-led B.Sc.Ag(Hons.) & different Ms degree courses were introduced in the faculty, supported with strong research departments. Furthermore an innovative program of study and research incentives are in practice.

It has 15 departments and all are engaged in production of quality human resources that can act with national and global community. We are proud as it is the oldest Agricultural institution in the sub-continent. The Faculty & University are now have become a "Center of Excellance in Agricultural Eduction" in Bangladesh. Nearly 5000 graduates & 600 post graduate have so far been produced by this faculty. The faculty host more than 186 world class teaching staffs and over 500 academic staffs.



Department of Agricultural Botany

Department of Agricultural Chemistry

Department of Agricultural Extension and Information System

Department of Agroforestry and Environmental Science

Department of Agronomy

Department of Biochemistry

Department of Biotechnology

Department of Entomology

Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

Department of Horticulture

Department of Plant Pathology

Department of Soil Science

Department of Fisheries

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Department of Language









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