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Faculty Name: Department of Language

English, being the prevalent language in the world of business and science, the urgency of acquiring proficiency in English language is the call of the time. For the agricultural science students, English competency is required for employment in prominent job sectors, placement in foreign universities for higher studies and for scholarly contribution in the domain of agricultural science.

The department of Language has been catering English language teaching to the undergraduate students of the university since its inception in 2001. Currently, students from the four the faculties i.e. Faculty of Agriculture; Faculty of Agribusiness Management (AGBM); Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine(ASVM);and Faculty of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Science(FAMS) are undertaking the English language courses offered by the department. Addressing the special needs of the agriculture students, the department offers two specialised programmes i.e. theoretical English language programme and practical English language programme. Holistically, both the programs are meticulously conducted in order to produce quality graduates who have strong command over the English language and able to linguistically perform according to the demand of the job market and at the same time, able to communicate their valuable research findings to the international community.

To nurture the students’ cognitive and soft skills, the department facilitates array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout each academic semester, which include academic visit to different sites, debate sessions, staging dramas, poster paper presentation on phonetics, preparing wallmagazine and arranging cultural programmes on different occasions and so on. 

Being set in a multidisciplinary arena, the department is in a continuous thrive to collaboratively attain the mission and vision of the university by exploiting the devotion of a bunch of commendable and enthusiastic faculty members.