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Department Name: Department of Aquatic Environment and Resource Management

Welcome to the Department of Aquatic Environment and Resource Management   Bangladesh is blessed with enormous fisheries resources. It is one of the major fish producing country in the world. Despite having vast open water resources such as haor, beel, rivers, flood plain, Kaptai lake, estuaries and open seas most of its fisheries production comes from closed water bodies. However, this scenario was reversed just two decades ago. Open water production is much less than the expectations for reasons. There are some problems existing in open water production. Due to the pollution, climate change and global warming aquatic environment and resources are degrading day by day. Moreover, huge population pressure and their demand worsen the situation. To combat these challenges, emphasis should be given on appropriate management of those resources. Considering all of these issues, Department of Aquatic Environment and Resource Management has been established under the Faculty of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Science with a view to producing quality graduates with adequate knowledge in the respective fields. The department offers different courses related to the management of open water, aquatic environment, aquatic ecosystem and so on.  The department offers various theoretical and practical courses in both B.Sc. and MS programs focuses on basic knowledge of aquatic resource management such as Freshwater Ecology and Wetland Ecosystem, Limnology, Inland Fisheries Management, Water Quality Management, Remote Sensing and GIS in Fisheries, Fish Population Dynamics and Coastal Zone Management to produce knowledge-based graduates to address those challenges in this field. The department has a well-equipped laboratory with advanced technological and technical support that aims to provide firsthand knowledge in the different arena of aquatic environment and resource management.