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Department Name: Department of Agricultural Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Agriculture Engineering.

Agricultural Engineering is the combination part of agriculture and part of engineering with the balance tipping a little towards the letter. It is relatively a new branch of technology requiring the application of modern science and engineering for the growth and development of agriculture. The scope of agricultural engineering is both wide and varied, covering such diverse items as farm machinery and power, agricultural processing, and post harvest technology, construction of animal housings and dairy machinery, soil and water conservation along with farm irrigation, tube wells, pumping machinery and drainage, farm buildings and structures, forestry and environmental engineering, aquaculture engineering and rural electrification. Agricultural engineering is amptly served with the problem facing the Afro-Asian countries where agricultural practices are different from those in the western countries. However, there is a chance that it may prove to be Aladeen's Lamp in the task of feeding the growing population and agriculture based industries of the world, particularly in the vast underdeveloped countries of the east.